What Is The Best Way To Approach Women


A man has to know how to approach women with confidence if he wishes to become good at attracting women and seduction in general. A lot of guys often have huge difficulties when the time comes to hit on girls. If you are one of those guy who has trouble figuring out how to talk to a girl today is your lucky day because you are about to uncover the facts! So, what is the easiest way to approach a girl?


By all means, you should approach women in the most natural way possible. You don’t need to give her the time to size you up for more than a couple of seconds. For that reason, hesitation is not the way to proceed. Rather, you should have the ability to spot a woman, and promptly walk up to her. You also want to be able to study a woman in order that you don’t approach her at the wrong moment. How would you read a girl?


You ca read a girl by looking at body language clues from her as you try to approach the girl. You need to have the ability to tell if she’s having one of those days when she’d shut down any male that approached her. If that’s what it appears to be, then you might want to pass and go approach another girl. After all, why try so hard with one woman? Do you know the right way to read a girl’s body language?


Now, it’s not necessary to get too advanced on this technique to approaching women. However, when you are about to approach a girl in public and the look on the girl’s face is jovial and she seems to be enjoying herself and cheerful, then this is pretty much as good of a moment as any. Approach her and initiate a chat as naturally as possible. You don’t need to drop a line on her, just something to open the conversation with. If you can make it all about what she is doing or what is happening around, then that is generally the most suitable way to approach a girl at any place.


This will make it all seem natural and not as if you are simply there attempting to pick her up. After you’ve approached the woman and began a conversation, you should gradually get her attracted to you. A little humour and interesting banter can easily make this happen. Basically, you simply don’t want to seem like you are a man that’s just trying to pickup a woman. This is an instant turn off for most girls.


Once she starts to interact with you, ask a few open ended questions. Do not be too keen to get her telephone number. Just be solid and proceed gradually. On top of that, make sure you don’t show any kind of desperation. Learn how to be calm and confident. If the girl is showing you interest, she will continue talking to you. Even when she is disagreeing with some of the points that you are making as far as she’s giggling with some sarcastic commentary you are in.

Incidentally I know a small business accountant in London UK who uses this technique to get clients for his business. Clever isn’t it?

Ok now you’ve met a girl what is the next step I here you say. Well, assuming you got the girls number the next thing to do is wait for about 24 hours and send her a text message to keep things warm. I hope you know how to text a girl you like and wish to know better. If not don’t worry, I am going to do a little article about that right here in the very near future. From here on just proceed with the usual seduction process that you normally apply when you meet a girl that you want to know better.

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